The anticommunist campaign, directed by the UE institutions has recently advanced. On 8.06 the ban of communist symbolism was introduced in Poland.


In Hungary the Parliament passed the law which imposed penalties for questioning alleged "crimes" of communism. In September, Czech comrades from KSM were prosecuted for publishing on their website Burdenko Report, which contains inconvenient information on the important part of the anticommunist project - the Katyn massacre. Two months before that, the branch of the Polish IPN ("Institute of National Memory") reported publishing of the same report on the website of CP of Poland to the prosecutor.

It is becoming more and more clear that all the lies about the alleged "crimes" of communism, invented in order to discredit communism and to whitewash and relativise the crimes of fascism and imperialism, cannot be defended against detailed, historical investigation. Before the bourgeoisie had been spending huge means on the anticommunist campaign in all the media and public institutions possible, including schools. Now they also intend to use force and police to impose the falsified version of history and to prosecute everyone who dares to defend historical truth.

It is becoming more and more clear that that campaign, promoting lies, false consciousness, obscurantism and hatred has to be stopped. Knowing how important this struggle is, the Communist Youth of Poland expresses the deepest appreciation to all the organizations and individuals, including KNE, which decided to fight an ideological battle and to defend communism.

On 08.06 in Warsaw Polish communists from CYP and CP of Poland organized the protest against the ban of the symbolism. We have received strong international support. KKE and CP of Portugal delegated their MEPs: Giorgos Toussas and Joao Ferreira, WFDY - their vice-president Yogendra Shahi, to Warsaw. Comrades from CP of Ireland and Czech KSM also participated in the protest. Despite of the ban, we presented communist symbolism on our banners and T-shirts publicly. The bourgeoisie elites, however, did not dare to start a legal action against us.

On the same day demonstrations in many other cities all over the world took place: Athens, Lisbon, Moscow, London, Madrid and others. Therefore, we would like to express our gratitude for KNE for taking part in this action. We have shown to the bourgeoisie that Polish communists are not on their own. That their plan to discredit and outlaw communism, to falsify history and to limit democratic and civil liberties, is facing a growing resistance all over the world.

The Communist Youth of Poland strongly believes that the current crisis of the Communist movement is only temporary. The promises and lies of the bourgeoisie cannot fool the people's sense of the current situation or their memories for long. As contradictions within the capitalist system are unable to solve any single essential social problem, working class, young people and other popular strata will eventually rise against this inhumane system. The ruling bourgeoisie elites are well aware of that fact. The attack on communism is an expression of their fear and an anticipation of a future collapse of their empire.

Special attention in the international struggle against anticommunism should be given to the former socialist countries. As the victory of the counterrevolution in those countries brought nothing but the misery, impoverishment and crime to millions  -  socialism/communism is still present in the popular consciousness. Despite millions spent by the bourgeoisie on discrediting it, positive memory of socialist times remains among the people. There even exist an image of socialism as a "paradise lost" - times of plenty, prosperity and might. This phenomenon is addressed by the bourgeoisie as "nostalgia" for the past, but we know that it is rather a rational analysis and comparison between socialism and capitalism that makes people miss socialist times. These are the marginalized and impoverished majority. These are the young people forced to emigrate or work for hunger wages, with no chances for to start a dignified, adult life.

From the perspective of 20 years of the counterrevolution we can see how great the success the 20th century socialism was. That many people, especially young, were given equal and fair opportunities, that would never be given to them now. That the quality of life, human relations, education - was far more better and more humane under the socialism that is under the capitalism.

The 20th century socialism proved that there is an alternative to the capitalist exploitation, that socialism works and brings the greatest progress to the societies ever. And despite of the institutional, anticommunist campaign directed by the narrow circles of ruling elites, there are millions of people in the former socialist states that would rally under the banner for the fight for the new People's Republic.

Recent advances of the anticommunist campaign in Central and Eastern Europe indicate the necessity to develop a common, international strategy against anticommunism. As the attack was directed at the communist movement in many countries, the answer from the communist, progressive and democratic societies should also be international. It is essential to increase the cooperation between our organizations and form international structures that would allow to counterattack and denounce the lies that bourgeoisie is using in its campaign against workers and young people. We need to expose anticommunism as a reactionary and obscure ideology of the ruling elites.

Communist Youth of Poland (KMP)